Friday, February 11, 2011

Character Designs!

These Friday posts are going to become quite difficult if I keep insisting on Friday outings. (Last week, midnight 'Rear Window'. This week, cake and sweets with Polly, bestest friend ever. Next week, midnight 'Jurassic Park'. It's this or cat lady, people!

Character designs today. We were given literary descriptions of characters from various books and instructed to design! I chose Catherine Sloper from 'Washington Square' and Aunt Amy from 'Old Mortality'. (Misspelling her name and mixing her outfit with three different decades of fashion was totally not done on purpose. Will fix it!)

The weekend will be dedicated to work and a possible announcement. I had my heart set on going to the Vampire's Ball tomorrow, but there's way too much work to be done (I know, I know. Poor Cinderelly.) Now, if you're in the Los Angeles area tomorrow, the Girls Drawin Girls show is going on and you can see my Salome piece in person (and for purchasing)! Please take pictures for me if you go. :) I wish I could be there.

All my love to everyone in Egypt! I heard the news when I was in class and I couldn't believe it. (Forgive a cynic. Our motto is "you're either always right or pleasantly surprised.") I wish you all the best! :)

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