Tuesday, April 19, 2011

But no living man am I!

Reader, I'm posting this with my right arm in ice because I broke my drawing embargo to slap together a few roughs for the Eowyn challenge at ArtOrder, calling for illustrations of Eowyn facing off against the Witch-king. I took a serious departure from the text because I wanted to draw a triumphant Eowyn weilding the Witch-king's head like Meduasa's (and I figures if Frazetta can draw Eowyn looking timid and in a scale-mail thong, I can do as I please!)

No idea if this will be finished. Probably after finals. Just figured it'd be fun and I had artwork to share. :)

[edit] Full credit should be given to Cory Godbey for passing on word about this challenge on his Twitter account. You should all be checking out his blog too because not only is his work absolutely breathtaking, he's one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. (I got his Little Red Riding Hood print at SDCC last year and he was very polite as I was piddling myself from glee and nerves as I yammered like a jackhammer about total bollocks I can't even remember what. Also he kind of looks like Dave Grohl, so obviously a thousand extra cool points? Also he just sent a very encouraging tweet so I'm going to go squee like I'm thirteen again, faint, wake up and finish the piece. Huzzah for wonderful people in art! :D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leftie Loosie, Rightie Tightie

I'm on a drawing hiatus for a bit after a trip to the hand doctor tells me I need to rest for awhile if I want this feckin hand to heal. All schoolwork will be finished southpaw. In the mean time, here are a left handed and right handed figure drawing. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011


There's been a lot of interest in seeing the pieces that went up for the Spoilers!! show. I need to get photos of some of the others (even forgot to get a picture of mine), but here are some that went up and their prices. The last three images are phone images and several are jpegging out because of Blogger's compression, but I swear on my non-busted left thumb all pieces are high-res. The only piece not included is Jon Bartok's fantastic 'Jurassic Park', because it is not for sale. If you're interested in getting a piece, you can e-mail Polly and I at guollivan [at] gmail.com. All pieces are mounted on matte board or framed.

Matt Marblo

'Planet of the Apes'
Nigel Clark

'Mad Max III: Beyond Thunderdome'
Jared D. Weiss
11x14" acrylic on canvas

'Citizen Kane'
Deena Beck

Kris Mukai
11x14" Digital

'The Scarlet Pimpernel'
Polly Guo

'Soylent Green'
Michael J. Ruocco
4x4" Pencil/Digital

Kelly Braun
7x9" Gouache/Acrylic

'The Last Unicorn'
Jessi Sheron

'127 Hours'
Kevin Inciong

'In Bruges'
Kaitlin Sullivan
11x14" Pen

'The Cell'
Anissa Espinosa
9x12" Pencil/Digital

Sinister Figures

Hello everyone! I noticed my site's had some more visitors lately, so I wanted to put some drawings up.

At this year's MoCCA Festival, I was selling a sketchbook of some of my left handed illustrations and sketches. I've had tendonitis in my right hand for about a year and it's made drawing wicked painful. (You want to know why your teacher tells you to do your homework the night it's assigned rather than the night it's due?) After a number of Dr. Sketchy's challenges and suggestions from friends (who put up with my grouching at them like champions), I tried drawing with my left hand on a few occasions and I've been pretty surprised with the results. The hardest part was learning how to hold the pencil correctly, but it shook my bad habits of drawing absent-mindedly. The awkward mobility of my left hand made me slow down and focus on what I was working on, and when I switched back to my right hand during the same drawing sessions, my work had improved.

Sinister Figures is a small collection of the weird monsters and people I drew left-handed and I'm hoping to get a bigger volume of drawings for next year. If you're interested in a copy or have any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you. Thank you to everyone who picked up a copy or stopped by the booth! :) It was lovely meeting all of you!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


There will be a proper update soon, but I wanted to have something up if you're visiting the site because of MoCCA. My friend Polly and I were at the MoCCA festival moving comics, pin-up art, and sketchbooks. I'm all wiped out, but if you stopped by the booth, thank you! This was my first year exhibiting at MoCCA and it was a lot of fun.

In other news, 'Rio' opens in the U.S. this week. (I got to intern on it!) Here's a clip below:

Monday, April 4, 2011

SPOILERS!! (It's An Art Show!)

This seems like it's been a long time in the womb, but if memory serves, we came up with this a few months ago, got a bunch of interested parties together, and it's going on this Friday at my favorite coffee place. Polly Guo and I are putting on an art show about movie spoilers. All the participating artists picked a movie spoiler to illustrate and you'll see the results this Friday! The Facebook event page is here and RSVPs are appreciated just so we have an idea of how many people are coming. (It's a pretty small room.) And bring your wallets! Some of these are for sale! :)

In other news, Superjail had its second season premiere last night and I'm proud as a parent at their kid's recital to have been a part of it! I got to intern last semester as a clean-up and color artist, but mostly I was running epic errands (LIKE A BOSS!) Ask me sometime about how I got a Christmas tree at a Sears in Brooklyn by myself. I wear that accomplishment like it's a badge and the story is pretty legend. :D Titmouse is an amazing studio and I love them all so much. If you ever get the chance to work for them, you won't regret it. They're turning animation up to eleven and I'm so happy they've opened shop in New York. Tune into next week's episode at midnight on [adult swim]!