Tuesday, April 19, 2011

But no living man am I!

Reader, I'm posting this with my right arm in ice because I broke my drawing embargo to slap together a few roughs for the Eowyn challenge at ArtOrder, calling for illustrations of Eowyn facing off against the Witch-king. I took a serious departure from the text because I wanted to draw a triumphant Eowyn weilding the Witch-king's head like Meduasa's (and I figures if Frazetta can draw Eowyn looking timid and in a scale-mail thong, I can do as I please!)

No idea if this will be finished. Probably after finals. Just figured it'd be fun and I had artwork to share. :)

[edit] Full credit should be given to Cory Godbey for passing on word about this challenge on his Twitter account. You should all be checking out his blog too because not only is his work absolutely breathtaking, he's one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. (I got his Little Red Riding Hood print at SDCC last year and he was very polite as I was piddling myself from glee and nerves as I yammered like a jackhammer about total bollocks I can't even remember what. Also he kind of looks like Dave Grohl, so obviously a thousand extra cool points? Also he just sent a very encouraging tweet so I'm going to go squee like I'm thirteen again, faint, wake up and finish the piece. Huzzah for wonderful people in art! :D

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