Monday, April 11, 2011

Sinister Figures

Hello everyone! I noticed my site's had some more visitors lately, so I wanted to put some drawings up.

At this year's MoCCA Festival, I was selling a sketchbook of some of my left handed illustrations and sketches. I've had tendonitis in my right hand for about a year and it's made drawing wicked painful. (You want to know why your teacher tells you to do your homework the night it's assigned rather than the night it's due?) After a number of Dr. Sketchy's challenges and suggestions from friends (who put up with my grouching at them like champions), I tried drawing with my left hand on a few occasions and I've been pretty surprised with the results. The hardest part was learning how to hold the pencil correctly, but it shook my bad habits of drawing absent-mindedly. The awkward mobility of my left hand made me slow down and focus on what I was working on, and when I switched back to my right hand during the same drawing sessions, my work had improved.

Sinister Figures is a small collection of the weird monsters and people I drew left-handed and I'm hoping to get a bigger volume of drawings for next year. If you're interested in a copy or have any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you. Thank you to everyone who picked up a copy or stopped by the booth! :) It was lovely meeting all of you!

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  1. Hey. Thanks again for the Warden sketch. ^_^ I saw last night's episode of SuperJail. It was pretty amazing. I love how Jared's transplanted limbs had personalities of their own.