Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mangrove Trees

Here is the aforementioned illustration I've been sweating over! Girls Drawin' Girls is coming out with its fourth volume of sexy girly art, this time in the style of flowers and plants, and I snagged mangrove trees.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Keisha - Fighter Class

I have been stupidly absent from this blog, but I have been working on something that's taken up an arseload of time and will be posted soon, I promise! Otherwise, the semester is over, I'm working this summer at school and Contempt, the goth club at the Delancey on Lower East (come this Saturday!). I turned 24 a few weeks ago and blew my birthday money on a Carvel cake and Dragon Age 2. The week was spent consuming said cake and game. Anyone who follows me on Twitter/Facebook/whatevs knows I haven't been able to shut the hell up about how amazing Dragon Age is, but HOLY CRAP! The fastest way to my heart is to write characters with blue/orange morality and I hope we see more Qunari in DA3! Also most devastating ending/third act since the Harry Potter books. Madre de dios, I've been listening to The Cure and the DA2 remix of "I'm Not Calling You a Liar" since then. That's how much of a mood it's put me in! (A thousand kudos to David Gaider and his writing team. I hope to study with them one day.)

Until then, I've got to get back to this piece. Hope y'all are well! :)