Friday, May 20, 2011

Keisha - Fighter Class

I have been stupidly absent from this blog, but I have been working on something that's taken up an arseload of time and will be posted soon, I promise! Otherwise, the semester is over, I'm working this summer at school and Contempt, the goth club at the Delancey on Lower East (come this Saturday!). I turned 24 a few weeks ago and blew my birthday money on a Carvel cake and Dragon Age 2. The week was spent consuming said cake and game. Anyone who follows me on Twitter/Facebook/whatevs knows I haven't been able to shut the hell up about how amazing Dragon Age is, but HOLY CRAP! The fastest way to my heart is to write characters with blue/orange morality and I hope we see more Qunari in DA3! Also most devastating ending/third act since the Harry Potter books. Madre de dios, I've been listening to The Cure and the DA2 remix of "I'm Not Calling You a Liar" since then. That's how much of a mood it's put me in! (A thousand kudos to David Gaider and his writing team. I hope to study with them one day.)

Until then, I've got to get back to this piece. Hope y'all are well! :)

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