Thursday, October 27, 2011

Because You're a Girl (Spoilers!)

Utena is one bitch-ass cool awesome show and the ending is such a glorious middle finger to convention and more people should watch it. After finishing the mermaid last night, I cleaned up the original sketch, started last night and finished a few minutes ago. Yup yup.

The show is about a girl who wants to be a prince and why it's not a very good idea, but it's still a super feminist show. Also lots of commentary on adolescence and sexuality and psychology. Basically a shoujo 'Evangelion'. It seems super tame until you hit episode 14. Then your brain blows up. It took me at least five years to figure out the ending.

Oh, also stupidly huge spoilers.

Here's my trace of a xerox of the original scribble that started it all.

Here's my clean-up of the trace.

Here's my final.

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  1. Very nice. And I hear so much about Utena, gonna see it.