Tuesday, October 18, 2011


New York Comic Con is over! I've escaped without Con Flu, I didn't see any panels, I missed my friend's band's show in Hoboken, I sold a load of sketches, I met a lot of cool cats, and I will do anything or anyone to have the Javits Center moved to a normal part of town. What an ungodly walk. If you're not crushed between tractor trailers when you're crossing the street by the Lincoln Tunnel, you run the risk of dying of exhaustion around 9th Avenue. This must have been what the Orgeon Trail was like.

FUN FACTS! :D Melody and I were interviewed for a webseries called Rew & Who. Yes, I talk that fast and I'm that pale. :)

Welcome to the blog. There will be more art as soon as I catch up on some school things. :)

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