Monday, December 12, 2011

Big Art Dump of Sexy Girls

Well, I did not realize I was going to do this much drawing this weekend, but wow. Lookit that. Most of it turned out well, so here it goes! :)

Yesterday was the last Dr. Sketchy's NYC of the year and a thousand praises should be given to Lillet St. Sunday who was not only an amazing model, but her final pose was twenty minutes standing and in action. I've seen maybe two models who can do that and she deserves all the prizes. I showed up late, but here are my drawings from the session.

5 minutes

10 minutes (challenge: incorporate past Dr. Sketchy's events. I tried to draw Lillet as a fairy playing the ocarina with Justine Joli's Link, but I ran out of time. Very interested in finishing this tho.)

10 minutes

20 minutes (challenge: party games. I did a second drawing to get a better grasp of her face.)

20 minutes. This, I do not like, because it's too precious with details and the anatomy and composition suffer. I used what time I had left to do new drawings and concentrate on her expression. But I wanted to include it here because I think more artists should be honest about sharing their lousy drawings.

Much better! More vibrant action and composition. This was her killer 20 minute standing post, so I figures the least I can do is do her justice. These took about 2 minutes each, I think?

Someone tell me what this looks with old 3-D glasses. :)

Just some dancing drawings when I was out yesterday and in the night before that.
Sat in Dark Bar listening to DJ Templar, Jeffo, and Xris Smack spinning different goth tunes. Felt like drawing different dancing girlies.

The artist (not seen: reds, pinks, and greens, completing my hipster goth look)

Yesterday's dancing girly drawings, mostly trying to figure out how I move when I gogo.

Random doodle of a mod girl from an old photograph

Thought process for a possible illustration for a friend

I went through my old figure drawings I'd recorded and decided to clean up some of them. Some got worse, some got better, but it was a fun exercise now that I have a better sense of the human body. :)

Quick postie doodle of my lovely friend Polly Guo who is an incredible artist and hilarious and watching her work has helped me so much as an artist. I wanted to draw her in this gorgeous outfit she wore once, but I barely remember it. XD Anyway, she's awesome and I just wanted to sketch it and share it.

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