Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Luna's Ghibli Bedroom - Her Neighbor Totoro

After seeing the massive open space on Luna's wall, there's just no way we weren't going to paint a life-size Totoro. When I was a kid, I attempted a Sailor Neptune with poster paints on my wall, which I think is now hidden behind a bookcase. (It's been awhile). Fortunately, we planned a little better for this adventure.

 I sketched Totoro out on a grid. (Although to be fair, this is the final drawing.)

 I got some excellent reference and placement from Luna's mom. :)

 Painting the entire grid meant I had to deal with leftover pencil marks on the wall, but all part of the learnding process. I drew Totoro on the wall and got to work. I didn't have enough paint to mix, so I swung by Home Depot and picked up a sample of Behr Premium Plus Ultra (Color: Distant Thunder) for Totoro's fluffy body. The 8 oz pot was just the right amount.

Before I flew out west on a two week trip, I stopped by the apartment to add Totoro's fluffy belly. I used the mop brush to spot white fluff in rows, similar to how I painted the susuwatari. When I got back to New York, lil Luna was born.

I finally got back to work on Totoro in January. I added eyes, whiskers, and filled out his girth since he needed some fluff and was looking a bit trim and Totoro has a prosperous figure, as my mother would put it.

The umbrella was a tricky part to figure out, especially the value distribution so the umbrella wasn't one  large, dark mass. 

And here we are with the final awesome work and the happy mom's new neighbor!

I added some susuwatari along the top for Totoro's umbrella.

And here's Luna's bedroom all put together by her mama.

It was probably best if I stopped there before I used the other wall to paint a cursed Okkoto screaming at Totoro. I'm not sure how long they'll be staying at their current place, but I'm glad I got to welcome Luna with a new friend. 

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