Monday, May 13, 2013

Luna's Ghibli Bedroom - The Littlest Critters

Last summer, I embarked on a mission of making the coolest bedroom for my friend Nikhol's little wee one. Nikhol is one of my closest friends from high school, and she's one of the last of our graduating class to have a kid. She and her husband Shige are easily the cutest couple I've ever seen, she's one of the most adventurous people I've ever met, and they're wonderful parents to lil Luna and their two kitties. 

When she was still pregnant, we got to talking on Facebook when I found a picture of susuwatari someone painted in the corner of their bedroom. "Wouldn't that be cool for the baby's bedroom." Half an hour conversation later and I was over at her place with acrylic paint and my old brushes. As I was sketching out little sprites, I asked what she thought about adding lil Totoros. And away we went. (Over a period of several months due to my schedule being all over the place, and getting distracted with food, tea and Netflix when I would visit her.) :)

I used black and white acrylic paint for the susuwatari and the chu-Totoro. Instead of trying to create smooth straight lines for the susuwatari, I used an old mop brush with rough bristles to give the critters some texture. I started in one corner and painted them around Luna's bedroom window.


When I was almost done painting, I was wondering what would make the susuwatari chase after the chu-Totoro. A quick stop home for my gouache paints and the critters had some konpeito to chase after.

The other side of the room called to me and I added a Jiji on top of the phone jack.

I also drew some kodama, but they spooked Shige when he was a kid, so we opted to leave them out. :)

As I was wrapping up painting the smaller creatures, I took a look at the wall opposite the door and wondered to Nikhol, "you know what'd be really cool?"

To be continued... :)

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  1. The memories! The feels! The Jiji! I want this room! You should put Calcifer and Markl on too(from Howl's Moving Castle)! Oh wait I just realized you posted this in 2013..